Saturday, March 19, 2011

A Surprise Package

A friend drops me an email.  Says he's sending me some watches to review for the site.  G Shock analogue atomics he says.  I make a joke about a MTG and expect a AWG or that Waveceptor Arnie diver model.  I received the package today.  Holy crap!  This from a guy I exchange emails with on a regular basis, but wouldn't recognize if I bumped into him at the grocery store.  Thanks mate!  They won't leave the house, I promise.

Left to right -- Giez GS1100, Oceanus OCW600, MTG1000


Anonymous said...

Great trio. Solid pieces.
Been wanting a Giez or a MTG.
Underated and under the radar for these.
Good value IMO.


Spin Doctor said...

Hey Sharkie! Giez is my fav of the three. Giez is SOLID. Will post more about each later.