Monday, March 7, 2011

Nerd Chic -- Casio G Shock G5600CC-2

I admit it. I’m jealous of the kids who match their G Shocks with their caps, jerseys and sneakers. I just can’t pull it off. Sure, anyone can buy and wear, but its the confidence I lack.  An exchange that disappears with the extra decade of age. Maybe I could pull it off if I had a few drinks in me, but that would make the rest of the day a challenge.  Maybe with an extra two decades I will have the confidence to simply not care what people think.

Then one day I saw the 5600 Crazy Colors models and made a wonderful observation. Yes, I can now finally accessorise with my G Shock. You see, the blue one is the same color as the Fisher Space Pen X-750 I just bought. So now I think I’m cool, in a nerd kinda way.

The watch is fantastic. Awesome blue with a cool shimmer to it. Not quite a metallic. Negative display with a blue field. The dial has a frame of black and gray pattern edged with a thin baby blue. Compared to the GWM, there is also a lot less words on the dial which looks good cuz like the instructions on the condom package, nobody actually reads those words anyway. Also noticed compared to the GWM the solar panel is smaller which gives some dial real estate back to some more meaningful decoration.

Function wise the 3160 module has the standard fare. Solar charged, however does not have atomic reception. Does have a proper 24 hour timer which I believe I would trade for the atomic reception if I had to make such a choice.

I do find the lack of radio controlled reception confusing on 2 counts. First, there are at least 2 generations of radio controlled modules for the 5600 case. Three if you want to include the G5600J, although the case is not exactly the same. So why would Casio sell a solar only module when there are more advanced alternatives. OK I know there are people out of range from the atomic signal, but why make a second module just for these markets when they will just function like the atomic module which never receives the signal. The second confusing about this module is that if you squint in the right angle of sun you can see the “RCVD” in the upper left corner of the display which gives the false impression that this watch does indeed have radio controlled capabilities, but sadly, no it doesn’t. I’m stating right now that if I ever open this watch in the future and find an antenna, I will initiate a massive letter writing campaign to Casio demanding they flip the virtual switch to turn on all the atomic capabilities of our watches. What’s that? I have to go back to a 60 minute timer? Hmmm. I’ll get back to you on that one.

Oh, and another thing. If weekend warriors can figure out how to make a trebuchet in their garage and launch pumpkins several hundred yards in a Delaware field, then surely Casio can rediscover how they managed to have the time displayed in all modes in 1985 but somehow managed to forget the secret code to do so today.

Size wise it seems to be the same as the GWM5600A-3 that I reviewed before. Likewise the G5600CC has a single pressure vent and the strap does not taper after the pressure vent. The keeper is a plain matte finish which seems to be a common design with the glossy 5600 models and adds an interesting contrast.

Case width – 43.5 mm
Lug to lug – 47mm
Thickness – 13mm

OK, so that’s about it. Here’s some more pictures.


Anonymous said...

Cool picts. Good to see real life picts of this one.

UpstandingCitizen said...

I like it! Can't wait for my green one!

I do find it odd though that the module does not feature RC. Not a deal-breaker by any means, but still it is sort of a curious omission.

Still though, I think the modernization of the classic, quintessential 5600 is just too cool.

Looks like I need some green accessories now!

Anonymous said...

Cool color. I might need one of these.

thx, cool blog site.

jason_recliner said...

Do you still have this? I didn't think you were a G kind of guy.

Spin Doctor said...

Yep I still have it. Only G I have left ATM.