Thursday, March 24, 2011

Citizen Baselworld 2011: New "The Citizen" Eco-Drive Models Unveiled

The biggest news coming out of Baselworld this year for Citizen Watch Co., are the introduction of the first ever "The Citizen" high accuracy quartz watches using a yet to be specified Eco-Drive caliber with adjusted factory accuracy of -/+ 5 seconds per year!

There will be three new models will be launched in Japan come May 2011:

From top to bottom: AQ1000-58A, AQ1000-58B, AQ1000-58E

The 37mm wide "oyster" styled cases and bracelets are all new for this line and are not borrowed from the current battery operated A660 "Chronomaster" quartz models. Also notice the absence of the word "Chronomaster" in the dial and the addition of a new power reserve indicator in the 10 o'clock region of the dial.

Functionality wise, these will retain the perpetual calendar function of the current A660 Chronomasters but it is not clear whether these will also have the hallmark independently set hour hand.

The hands and dial are indeed a throw back to the original "The Citizen" quartz models that were first introduced in 1995.

Retail pricing for all 3 "The Citizen" Eco-Drive models will be 210,000 Yen (USD $2,600) which is extremely reasonable in my book.

It is not clear whether these watches are made in stainless steel but the price is a good indicator that they will be. No word whether these will offer Citizen's Duratect proprietary scratch/wear resistant coating. Also, there is no information on the water resist rating but one can assume these also will be 100m or 10 bar as current Chronomaster models.

The movement is indeed intriguing. Could this be a modified A660 with solar panels?

All I know is that a "The Citizen" Eco-Drive will be in my future.

Stay tuned during the day for more and exciting new watch releases from Seiko and Citizen.

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Artec540/Fran Oldham said...

Although the price is certainly very attractive, I don't think one of these will be in my future! There are two gaps in the new model's talents that leave my CTQ57-9054 ahead. This new movement doesn't have luminous hands or dial and doesn't come in titanium..... at least, not yet. And besides not being lumed, the hands are too narrow for my taste.
I shall wait and see if Mr Citizen rectifies these shortcomings, even if there is a resulting bump in the price.

Spin Doctor said...

You make some good points. Let's see what the future holds for these EcoDrive "The Citizens". I'm sure there will be more.

As far as the design, I find these attractive. Dial and hands look great to me. Hard to say much about the case but the bracelet looks a little ho-hum. The only quirk to me is the power reserve meter. I don't know what the reserve is on this model, but I can't imagine the meter is necessary.

teslakite said...

That power reserve indicator seems awfully Spring-Drive-like, which isn't such a bad thing?

I do note that indicator has 3 graduations on it- hopefully signifying Lo/Med/Hi rather than a 3 day power reserve...

Rob said...

Is it me or do they seem a lot less classy than the previous look? E.g.

I also liked the fact that the previous model didn't have a power dial, it just ticked every other second when it was low on power, and that it had "Chronomaster" on the dial. The previous case also seems nicer, I think they really hit on something with the old one.

Chazman1946 said...

Nice looking watch, but a 37mm csse isn't cutting it in the U.S.

40mm would be perfect.