Thursday, March 24, 2011

Baselworld 2011 Citizen Campanola

Citizen has announced a new Campanola model.  The Campanola line features exquisite, artistic, Japanese laquer, hand crafted dials.  Several years ago Citizen introduced the Eco-Drove technology to this line and many felt the quality of the dials suffered.  These new models continue the use of Eco-Drive, but from the press photo, the dials are very impressive.  I look forward to seeing some better pictures of these.

Google translation is rough, but here are the details.

Product Name Kanpanora
Item Number BU0020-03A / Tenma stars (Hoshino honey sweet) BU0020-03B / Scarlet depth (drill respiratory)
Suggested Retail Price (approx.) \ 283,500 (planned)
Release Date Will be released in July 2011

Press release here.

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