Saturday, March 26, 2011

Seiko Releases Executive Summary of Baselworld 2011 Press Conference

Echos of the 1923 earthquake, celebration of 130 years and a strip tease.


This morning, the first day of Baselworld 2011, SEIKO held its now traditional press conference in the Congress Center next to the main hall. Over 400 people attended and, as they entered the Hall, one could sense a slightly muted atmosphere, reflecting the sympathy that the media brought to the nation of Japan after the disaster of the recent earthquake.

Mr. Hattori, President and CEO

In his opening remarks, our President and CEO, Mr. Shinji Hattori expressed gratitude to the many members of the media who had sent messages of support to SEIKO. He referred to the courageous and determined example set by his great grandfather, Kintaro Hattori, the founder of SEIKO, when SEIKO’s factories were destroyed by the great earthquake of 1923. Today, Mr. Hattori was able to report to the media that, miraculously, no-one in our group companies had been injured in this recent disaster and that SEIKO was already making progress in restoring normality for all its people and in all its facilities.

Mr. Hattori explained that 2011 was the 130th anniversary of SEIKO and that our Baselworld collection included some very special pieces designed to celebrate this anniversary and to demonstrate how SEIKO’s long and unbroken tradition of watchmaking was leading SEIKO to new technologies and new ideas that would ensure continued success in the future.

Shu Yoshino then showed and explained three of these 130th anniversary watches and clocks, and the media expressed particular approval of the Credor Spring Drive Minute Repeater.

Mr. Shu Yoshino presented the SEIKO 130th Anniversary watches.

Shu Yoshino then did something that may have been a first at any Baselworld press conference. As he was introducing SEIKO’s new Sportura watch, and as the audience was looking at the watch on the screen, he took off first his jacket, and then his tie. And then he started unbuttoning his shirt. What on earth was going on? The audience was justifiably relieved when, as he took off his shirt, he revealed underneath a FC Barcelona shirt, and as he turned around, they saw on the back the word “SEIKO” and the number130. Yes. SEIKO is now the proud partner of the world’s strongest football club.

Mr. Yoshino unbutton his shirt and showed “SEIKO” and “130” on a FC Barcelona shirt .

The audience was both entertained and grateful. They were entertained by the “reveal” of Seiko’s sponsorship of FC Barcelona and they were grateful to see that, even in these dark days for the people of Japan, SEIKO can still look forward with confidence and with a smile.

Press release here.

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