Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Cool Crown Feature on the Casio Oceanus OCW-T1000

Happened to see this video of a new model Casio Oceanus OCW-T1000 and noticed the use of the crown as a third button. Gives a cleaner look compared to the typical four button models. Looks like Casio finally has an independent hour hand like Citizen.

More details here.

Video and picture from Watch-Tanaka.


JapanWatchConnection said...

These are the first Casio Oceanus watches to offer a central rotating crown. Typically, most prior Oceanus watches came with push buttons built around the case.

Spin Doctor said...

Novel feature for sure. Citizen Skyhawk AT could use something similar. Having fewer buttons gives it a nice clean look too.

I have a dream that one day Casio will introduce these modules in stainless steel cases with a reasonable discount.

JapanWatchConnection said...

I agree. I think the Citizen U600/U680 can be made to have a more user friendly crown that can be used while the watch is being worn. I also would like to have the ability to use the LCD display orange back lighting regardless of the function mode I am in.

I have to admit I like this new Oceanus quite a bit. The hands are very "Attesa" and has a pretty upscale presentation.

The big question here pertains to radio reception signal sync quality. And this is an area where Citizen has always come ahead to their competitors.

jgbuckeye31 said...

I may have to send you my Oceanus for a proper review. Not an enormous case or bracelet but very well done by Casio. older model.

Spin Doctor said...

@jg I was wondering if you still had that Oceanus. I'd love to check it out. I think watchreport has a review on that model.

Spin Doctor said...

@JWC A push button crown for backlighting on the U600/680 is a great idea. The limited backlighting on the LCD is by biggest, but still minor complaint of the Skyhawk AT.