Wednesday, March 23, 2011

New Casio Mudman G-9300 to be Released

Holy Smokes there a whole bunch of new G Shock models have been announced. I can't even try to keep up with them all so I'll just refer you to mygshock who has it all covered.

I will point out that the new Mudman model G-9300 is my favorite. I think this looks great and I think the Mudman can now be the official Field Watch for G Shock with a digital compass, thermometer, moon phase display and of course the mud resistant case. Is it me or do the buttons on the right side look similar to those on the original Mudman DW-8400?

Here's a direct link to Riley's Mudman post.

And while you are there, check out the other new releases.


jgbuckeye31 said...

New model looks great. A nice change from the current rounded model 9000. The older 8400 series pictured was a great look but the wearability for smaller wrists was difficult as the watch strap did not fit snug at the 12/6 points.

Spin Doctor said...

I like this one too. I thought my interest had drifted from the gadgety models, but this one is holding me. I think giving the Mudman functions associated with use in the field just makes sense to me. I loved the looks of the GW9010 Rally model, but to be honest, I never understood why you would put such an intricate stopwatch/timer into a watch like that...especially with those button covers which are not the easiest to press.