Thursday, April 28, 2011

More Discontinued Seikos

More Seiko models have been discontinued.  Its a shame to see some of these models go which include the rest of the models with the high accuracy 8F caliber, the vintage style SARB, Power by Design chronograph and the orange dialed titanium diver named the Shogun. 

I wonder if the issues with the tsunami have accelerated the departure of some of these models.


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

New Grand Seiko Hi Beat SBGH013 Release

Seiko Japan has just released another caliber 9S85 based "Hi Beat" mechanical model sporting a more classic case design, cream colored dial, arabic numbers and blue seconds hand. The SBGH013 comes fitted with a brown croc strap.

Seiko Diver SBCM023 Discontinued

Just saw a tweet from Chino Watch that the Seiko Diver SBCM023 has been discontinued.  This model was a professional diver with the venerated 8F35 caliber inside delivering 20 seconds per year accuracy, perpetual calendar and 8 year battery life.  Many consider the 8F to be an example of high-end quartz and with its relatively low price it offered a good entry point for both quartz and diver fans.

Picture from Chino Watch

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Excellent Review Found -- SEIKO 4S36 GMT Retrograde SARN001

Review is an understatement.  This one is a thesis.  Don at the TimeKeeper Forum has prepared one of the best reviews I have ever read on the SEIKO 4S36 GMT Retrograde SARN001.  He first starts with a Ray Bradbury-esq science fiction intro followed by a survey of Seiko World/Duo Timer models, followed by a genealogy of the 52xx/4S caliber.  Now if that wasn't enough for you he wraps it all up in a nice package and  finishes with a comprehensive, hands on review of the SARN001.

Click on the link below and check out this review of an interesting model that I know I have a greater appreciation for after reading.

Picture from watch-tanaka.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Grand Seiko Handling Videos

Its been 6 months since the Grand Seiko line was launched here in the United States and abroad. The watches have peaked the interest of collectors for several years now, but it wasn't until 2010, that you could walk into a brick and mortar and have the opportunity to experience them first hand (Grand Seikos have been selling in Seiko Centers and factory sanctioned boutiques worldwide for a few years now). However, with only 4 authorized Grand Seiko dealers in the country at present, it is still difficult for most, including yours truly, to have a shot at handling these exquisite watches. Until the Grand Seiko network continues to further expand, here are a few videos that will give you a better idea of the look and finish beauty of Seiko's very best timepieces. Hey, not the same as "being there", but still pretty close to wet our appetites....

Grand Seiko Spring Drive "Snow Flake" SBGA011:

Many more videos after the jump....

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Some New Retro Looking Citizen Chronographs

I saw some cool retro looking chronographs while browsing through the Citizen European web sites.  These models feature the solar charged B612 caliber with a 210 day power reserve, a 60 minute chronograph, 1/5 second center post hand, and a 24 hour indicator subdial.  Manual is here.

Sure Citizen has lots of multi function models, but sometimes it is nice to have just a simple no nonsense chronograph.  Besides I think many would find the retro look of these models attractive.


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Thin Is In -- Citizen 0.45

I'm not talking about waist size.  I'm talking about watches, of course.  In case you haven't noticed thin mechanical watches have made a minor resurgence by some Swiss manufacturers.

If quartz is your thing and you don't want to spend a fortune on a watch, then Citizen Italy has a nice line of thin watches you might like.  These remind me of the Stiletto models available in the US but with more traditional styling.  The Italian line is called 0.45 because the watches are only 4.5mm thick.  Feature wise these Italian models look nice and have sapphire crystals and from what I could gather from my poor Italian genuine crocodile straps.  To my surprise these models are Eco-Drive solar charged even though they are not labeled so on the dial.  Impressive with such a thin caliber.  I have to say I like the looks of the clean dial without the extra branding.  

All models retail for 268 Euro.

More models after the jump.


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Best Watch Unboxing Video Evar!

This video is without a doubt the most entertaining unboxing I have ever seen.  The watch is a Casio Protek PRG-240-8ER but even if you don't like Protek/Pathfinders, this one is worth the watch.

Just a head's up that the language is not safe for work.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

1983 Seiko Sport Tech Watch Commercial

I found this video in youtube featuring a 1983 commercial for Seiko Sport Tech watches.  Highlighted are a couple of digital chronographs that I am not familiar with, the classic 7A28 analog chronograph and the Digital Voice Note....the watch that talks back, "talks back".  LOL!

Interesting to hear at the end of the commercial, "Welcome to the 21th Century" with the tag line of "Seiko Setting the Standard for the World and the Future".  I guess Seiko never imagined that 30 years later people would be still be spending ridiculous amounts of money on Swiss lever escapement mechanical watches.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Video Review of Casio G-Shock GW-3000B-1A Aviator Watch

I saw a great video review made by DougFNJ and it features the GW-3000 Aviator Watch. This model looks really good in his video and a lot better than the stock photos. Feature wise, Casio seems to have really improved the "user experience" of the multi-function analog. Very nice model.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Orient CER1A002D -- You Don’t Have to Spend a Fortune for a Nice Watch

You Don’t Have to Spend a Fortune for a Nice Watch.

That’s right. You shouldn’t and you don’t have to. Sure there is a LOT of junk at the $100 price, but look a little harder and you can find some gems.

I’ve had this Orient Diver model number CER1A002D for many years now. By my records I spent $140 new from an AD and was easily found on eBay for $100 at the time. Everytime I wear it I think to myself, How can Orient manage to put such a nice package together for about $100? I have no idea, but I’m not about to complain.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Perpetual Calendar Diver Model Officially Added to Citizen Signature Series

The Citizen Signature Website has listed the five perpetual calendar 300M diver models featuring the E764 caliber to the Signature Collection.

Model numbers are as follows:

BL1250-55E -- Black
BL1258-53L -- Blue
BL1257-56A -- Silver
BL1251-52H -- Gray
BL1259-51X -- Brown

There are some still videos for each model on the web site, but these models have been better covered in the this Jikan blog post and the links contained within.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Press Release for JDM Casio G-Shock Mudman GW-9300

Just happened to see Casio's press release for the Japan market G-Shock Mudman GW-9300.  Pretty much the same as what was announced at Basel for the international model G-9300, however there are a few important differences.

As you can tell from the model number the GW-9300 will be radio controlled with Multi Band 6.  The other difference is the GW-9300 is described to have a carbon fiber reinforced resin strap.  Since no mention of this was made for the G-9300 I'm assuming the carbon fiber strap has been omitted.  Hard to see any differences between the stock photos.  Since the only other carbon fiber G-Shock (GW-S5600) was also limited to a Japan release maybe there are concerns in meeting the demand of the international market.

EDIT:  I just noticed it actually says "Carbon Fiber" on the strap in the picture below while the G-9300 says "Tough Solar" in the same location so I guess that indicates that the CF will stay in Japan.  That's OK with me.  I didn't feel like paying for it anyway.

The GW-9300 will have a MSRP of 35,000 Yen and will be released June 30.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Review of Casio Oceanus OCW-600

The Oceanus line is positioned as Casio’s elite which feature cutting edge technology fitted inside titanium cases of superior construction and finishing. For many years I have looked with wonder at the various Oceanus models with their high price tags and had been skeptical of the quality. How could Casio possibly put something out that could challenge the Citizen Attesa and Seiko Brightz lines? Well, I can say that after a friend loaned me his OCW-600 I was pleasantly surprised.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Monday, April 4, 2011

New Orient GMT Highlighted on Yeoman Watch Review

Yeoman has some real life pictures of the newly released Orient GMT.  The newly designed 40P51 caliber features hacking and handwinding and an independently set GMT hand.

Yeoman showcases the model DJ02003W which features a beautiful guilloche dial with Roman numerals, a power reserve indicator, decorated movement, and vintage looking dagger style hands.  Although this model is not to my style, I look forward to Orient using this caliber in some more sporty looking designs.  I think they will do quite well.

Check out Yeoman's post here with many more pictures.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Review of Casio G-Shock Giez GS-1100

Imagine the heft of the Seiko Monster matched with the shock protection design of G Shock with Casio’s whiz bang electronic gadgetry inside and that’s what the Giez is all about.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Fourth Grand Seiko Dealer Added to the US

Ford's Jewelers of Fords, New Jersey has been added as a fourth Grand Seiko dealer to the US market.  

A Grand Seiko retailer is now located in each US timezone.  This continues Seiko's use of existing, high volume dealers for their Grand Seiko launch instead of the previous announced plan opening Grand Seiko exclusive boutique stores in San Francisco and Manhattan.

I personally think the use of existing retailers is a great idea as the product is given to the sales force who best knows their customers and the presence of competing product in the same store will showcase the quality of the Grand Seiko line relative to similar priced offerings.

The other US Grand Seiko dealers are listed here on the Seiko page.  With a Grand Seiko dealer located in 4 major metropolitan areas in the US I think its time some of us start taking some field trips.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Functional Clock Shaped like a Japanese Fan

Check out this winner of the red dot design concept award for 2010.

The Spire designed by Sakura Adachi and Ekaggrat Singh Kalsiclock indicates the time with the folding and unfolding of the arms like a Japanese fan. The short arm represents the hour and the moving long arm represents the minutes. Electronics and motor are housed in the base of the clock.

Here' a video showing how it works.

spire_ from ekaggrat singh kalsi on Vimeo.