Sunday, April 29, 2012

Review of Citizen Signature Flyback Chrono AV1000-57A

The Citizen Signature Collection was introduced in 2009 to North America, UK and Caribbean markets and was positioned under the Campanola luxury line. The Signature line features a cohesive design superior fit and finishing with hand assembly. A variety of Eco-Drive calibers are utilized and both men’s and women’s models are included in the line. Since its launch Citizen has been very controlling not only with the selection of authorized dealers eligible to sell this line but also with the simple availability of pictures of the models outside of the dedicated website.

For the longest time the Signatures didn’t do much for me. I thought they were interesting but priced outside of my normal limit. The one day I discovered a little jewelry shop near my house was an AD so I stopped in for a visit and was pleasantly surprised. Having seen all the models in hand it became easier to justify the expense.

Of the models available, I would say that the Grand Complication, Flyback Chronograph and Moonphase Flyback Chronograph are the gems. The Diver and Perpetual Calendar models are nice and have the essence of the line, but at a little bit of a step down in the level of specialness. The Moonphase is very well done with a very subtle level of finishing on the dial that must be seen in person to fully appreciate. The Grand Complication probably has the most interesting caliber but is on the thick side to accommodate the special caseback necessary for the chimes to be heard from the repeater complication.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Do It Yourself (DIY) Mechanical Watch Demagnetization -- Video

My kid magnetized my Seiko Orange Monster (SKX781).  I was sitting on the sofa minding my own business and he runs up and slaps a strong bar magnet he was using for his science fair project right on top of my watch.

It was just for a second, I thought.

Professional divers are anti-magnetic, I thought.

Well I was wrong.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Seiko Astron GPS Real Life Pictures and Video

Spotted these real life pictures and video of the Seiko Astron GPS watch.  Looks interesting.  Not as large as I was expecting and the finishing is impressive.  Check out the action of the second hand in the video.  Cool!

Video from leloche

Click to see pictures from Yabucchi Blog.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Japan Watch Industry - NHK Documentary "Begin Japanology"

Japan enjoys a very rich and varied horological history. Unfortunately, much of that past remains hidden or unknown to the western world. It is a common held belief that the Europeans (Mostly the Swiss) have an exclusive hold on the development of clocks and watches, hence, making them the true guardians of timekeeping.

The following is an excellent 27 minute documentary (Hosted by Peter Barakan) that details the history of Japanese horology prior to the 19th century until the present time. This video should further enhance your appreciation and respect for Japanese watches and the immense contributions made to horology as a whole. It also details the development of mechanical and quartz technologies. This presentation should make you see quartz watches under a very different light! They were after all, a feat of human ingenuity 50 years ago, but sadly today they are ubiquitous and gain no respect from so called "Watch enthusiasts".

Anyway, be sure to have you favorite Japanese watch strapped to your wrist, grab a nice beverage, kick back and enjoy this short but intense voyage through the history of Japanese horology!.