Friday, April 27, 2012

Do It Yourself (DIY) Mechanical Watch Demagnetization -- Video

My kid magnetized my Seiko Orange Monster (SKX781).  I was sitting on the sofa minding my own business and he runs up and slaps a strong bar magnet he was using for his science fair project right on top of my watch.

It was just for a second, I thought.

Professional divers are anti-magnetic, I thought.

Well I was wrong.

The watch started running fast immediately.  I timed it over several days and it was about one minute fast per day.


So after asking locally for someone to demagnetize and being disappointed in the responses (change the battery one person said to me), I decided to buy one of those demagnetizers off eBay.  It wasn't very expensive, especially since I sold my kid to the circus.  Not really, but maybe.

After waiting for weeks for the international shipment I was disappointed to find there were no instructions.  I went online and found some guidance.  I tested first with a magnetized screwdriver I had and it seemed to work fine.  So off I go to the watch.

First I found a compass in the house and was surprised to find that the watch was magnetized enough to deflect the compass needle.  Cool, now I had something to tell me immediately if the demagnetizer worked.

So I put the watch on the contraption and pressed the button.  Did this a few times with slightly different processes.  Ultimately, I got the watch case demagnetized but was very confused when I found that when I put it on the bracelet, it was magnetized again.  Eventually I figured out that one of the spring bars was also magnetized so a few hits on the demagnetizer and that was good to go too.

After one day of timing I was very happy to see that the accuracy was back down to less than 10 seconds per day.

Take that evil mechanical watch gnomes.

I made a video demonstration showing what I did.  Hopefully I can help some others.

Feel free to drop a comment or question.

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