Monday, August 1, 2011

Review of Citizen 300M Diver BN0085-01E

I bought this a couple of months ago and I think its a great model. 300M water resistance. ISO rated. Beautiful textured dial. Awesome lume. Solid, heavy hunk of steel for a case. Very comfortable rubber strap. Promaster branded spade buckle.

I think the coolest feature of this model is the different color of lume between the markers and hands and the lumed 60 on the bezel.

Some misses are the tinny feel to the bezel action and the difficulty in fitting anything other than the stock strap. I was able to get a Nato on, but it was not so easy and I am not sure how secure it would be for regular use. Tthe spring bars are located too close to the case to be able to fit anything thicker.

That aside, I still think this is a great model. Kinda reminds me more of a G Shock than a Citizen. Anyway, check it out. Its very affordable. There are some similar models. BJ7065-06E is a GMT model which oddly is not ISO rated. BJ2115-07E is the Aqualand model with the same features of other analog Aqualands.


Crystal 32.5mm
Bezel 43.5mm
Case 47mm
Case including crown 51mm
Lug Width 23mm
Lug to lug 51mm
Thickness 13.5mm
Weight 130 grams



Well I guess I was wrong about fitting alternate straps to this model. I was browsing the web and stumbled upon a post by IVXX on watchfreaks where he fit an Isofrane strap to his. Look nice too. Picture is his.


Jason said...

Hey I would like to know if it has a depth measurement. On Amazon it says there is. ???

I am really considering buying this watch but Im like BN0085-01E or BJ7065-06E

besides one being 47MM and the other 43MM GMT is there arent they the same ??

Spin Doctor said...

Hi Jason.

No depth meter on this one. Just a basic 3 hand model. The model with the depth meter is BJ2115-07E.

I would have thought that the standard model and the GMT model (BN0085-01E or BJ7065-06E) would both use the same case and have the same dimensions, but I don't know for sure. Note that the GMT model is not ISO rated for whatever reason, in case that feature is important to you.

PS...I've decided to sell this watch. If you are interested drop me a line through the contact tab.

Anonymous said...

I just purchased this piece from the Doctor.

Simply a stunner!!!

Looks, feels and wears like a $1,000.00 watch!

Anonymous said...

Just got one of these from a High Street Jewellers in the UK for just £109! Lovely looking watch, can't wait to get it wet.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Just got one of these from a High Street Jewellers in the UK for just £109! Lovely looking watch, can't wait to get it wet.

Which shop? I urgently need to spend exactly £109. Cheers.

Spin Doctor said...

Anon June 14: Congratulations on your new watch. It is a great model at a great price and built for use. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

It was H.Samuels.