Saturday, April 2, 2011

Fourth Grand Seiko Dealer Added to the US

Ford's Jewelers of Fords, New Jersey has been added as a fourth Grand Seiko dealer to the US market.  

A Grand Seiko retailer is now located in each US timezone.  This continues Seiko's use of existing, high volume dealers for their Grand Seiko launch instead of the previous announced plan opening Grand Seiko exclusive boutique stores in San Francisco and Manhattan.

I personally think the use of existing retailers is a great idea as the product is given to the sales force who best knows their customers and the presence of competing product in the same store will showcase the quality of the Grand Seiko line relative to similar priced offerings.

The other US Grand Seiko dealers are listed here on the Seiko page.  With a Grand Seiko dealer located in 4 major metropolitan areas in the US I think its time some of us start taking some field trips.


Anonymous said...

Thats good news.

Run, don't walk, GS is a real treat to put on.
Very impressive.

I had the joy of going to a boutique, fantastic experience.

I wish we had an AD in each timezone in Canada too.


Spin Doctor said...

Hey Dave. You're right. I plan to visit soon.

jgbuckeye31 said...

Will you take Spin Doctor and I on a shopping trip, all expenses paid?


JapanWatchConnection said...

Warning: Grand Seikos are highly addictive watches and therefore, very bad for the wallet. Oh but they are so worth every penny!