Thursday, March 24, 2011

Baselworld 2011 Citizen Attesa

Citizen announced the planned release of a new Attesa model for May 2011. This model looks very similar to the current "Direct Flight" with the same H610 radio controlled caliber inside except with a funky, futuristic looking bracelet. Sweetness.

Press release here.


JapanWatchConnection said...

The case design is very similar to that found on the first generation Attesa ATV53-2834 U600 Ana-Digi watches from 2007. I quite like it and should be more comfortable to wear on the wrist in comparison to the first generation Attesa H610 Direct Flight watches released in 2009. The bracelet lugs and links don't look as wide as the older models. Notice that Citizen eliminated the 3 City display cut out window on the dial, signaling the end of this controversial design "fad".

The word "Eco-Drive" and "Attesa" has also been removed from the dial altogether in favor of a prominent "Citizen" moniker in the center of the dial.

I quite like these. However, prices have gone up considerably (126,000 and 136,000 YEN respectively) for both of these new 2011 H610 Attesas. I can only assume better construction, finish and extensive use of DLC + MRK scratch resistant metal surface technologies that can certainly drive the prices up.

Hopefully, the Attesa pictured above will be on my wrist at some point later this year.

Spin Doctor said...

Good points. I like the looks of this one. Cleaner dial is a big win for me and the case looks a little slimmer compared to the "cushion" style of the current Direct Flight model. Unfortunately, I know it will likely be outside of my budget. One day I hope Citizen will introduce these models internationally in stainless steel cases.

Anonymous said...

This watch is indeed beautiful.

I just wonder:
Does anyone have a clue what the difference between the BY0040-51E and BY0040-51F modell is besides the black or silver bezel?

JapanWatchConnection said...

Hello Anonymous...

Unfortunately, aside from the Basel press release for this new Attesa Direct Flight, here at Jikan we don't have any further information on the differences between the two model numbers listed there. Based on my experience with other Japan market Citizen Attesa watches, looks like the 51F variant has a "DLC" bezel (Diamond Like Carbon) scratch resist coating, while 51E has a clear bezel, apparently, coated in "PTIC" or Duratect scratch/high wear resist surface treatment. Adding DLC increases the price of the watch, even if the coating is limited to the bezel. This perhaps accounts for the 10,500 YEN price differential between the two.

Using Google Translate, Citizen says that the new 2011 Direct Flight model has a higher level of fit and finish than previous versions of this watch. For the record, I used to own the original 2009 Attesa Direct Flight release, model number ATD53-3011. The 3011 and 3012 (Full DLC treatment case and bracelet) are still in production today.

The 2011 models have "Zaratsu" finishing on the case. This is a Japanese blade polishing technique that is often done by hand by high skilled artisans and brings out a distortion free, "Mirror" like finish to the polished areas of the watch. Zaratsu is often seen in high end Japanese watches of the likes of Grand Seiko, Credor, Citizen "The Citizen" Chronomaster, Citizen Campanola, Seiko Ananta and others.

As soon as we get further information we will update the blog. I too share your interest in this watch as it is a likely replacement for my now departed Attesa ATD53-3011.