Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Casio to Release G-Shock Bluetooth Watch in 2011

Casio Japan has announced their Bluetooth enabled G-Shock will be released in 2011 and have provided a picture of the model.  View the original press release here.

The model looks to be cased in the classic and popular 6900/6600 case and looks a lot nicer than the prototype that was announced at the CES show earlier in 2011.

The watch features the use of Bluetooth Low Energy to provide 2 years battery life from a standard CR2032 cell with 12 hours of Bluetooth use per day.  The watch will receive the time calibration as well as phone and message updates but can also communicate with the phone to silence any unwanted rings.  Functions typical of the G Shock such as world timer, 24 hour stopwatch and 24 hour count down timer are also incorporated.

It should be noted that Bluetooth Low Energy devices are not backward compatible with existing Bluetooth technologies.  Since Bluetooth Low Energy is still in its infantcy, this watch is a little ahead of itself with regard to existing smart phones on the market.  However, I for one find any technological innovations exciting and this will finally deliver the highest time accuracy to even those outside of the transmission range of the atomic towers.  This will also provide a means to deliver other content to your watch for ease of access such as stock ticker, weather, sport score updates or perhaps even  biometrics from an implanted pacemaker or insulin pump diagnostics or any other innovations yet discovered.

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