Friday, March 25, 2011

Basel World 2011: Seiko Ananta Collection

The Ananta mechanical chronograph for divers.
A celebration of Japan’s artistry.

SEIKO WATCH CORPORATION is proud to announce the creation of an Ananta Automatic Chronograph Diver’s watch. It is a leading watch in the SEIKO 130th Anniversary Commemorative Collection and is offered as a limited edition of 700 pieces. It will be released in the autumn of this year on a worldwide basis.

SEIKO and watches for diving. A long tradition.
SEIKO built its very first diving watch in 1965. Since then, SEIKO has been at the forefront of diving watch technology, releasing a series of world-first watches that combined security of performance with extreme durability. The world’s first titanium diving watch in 1975 and the world’s first computerized diving watch in 1990 are among the many SEIKO diver’s watches to have been chosen by professional divers and other specialist sportsmen including alpinists, off-shore yacht racers, polar explorers, and others.
Ref. RLS1103-02

Calber 8R39. Designed for diving.
For safe use by divers at depth, the watch movement, as well as the case, must be extremely robust. For this new Ananta creation, SEIKO re-designed its 8R movement, incorporating a balance spring made of SEIKO’s proprietary alloy “SPRON610” with up-graded shock-resistance and antimagnetism. To ensure that the watch is as resistant as possible to shock, it is fixed to the case with three clamps, one more than is used in other chronographs.

The beauty and functionality of jet black lacquer
High legibility is a vital attribute in a diving watch, and to ensure that the dive time is as readable as possible even in dark waters, SEIKO commissioned Isshu Tamura, a world-renowned lacquer artist, to create a dial that is truly jet black. Each dial is painted, layer by layer, and then polished by hand by Mr. Tamura in his studio in Kanazawa on the western shores of the Japanese mainland. Isshu Tamura was born in Kanazawa in 1957, and is a master of “Kaga Makie” which is a traditional style of lacquer. The legibility is further enhanced by the use of a non-reflective coating on the sapphire glass.

Ananta is a relatively new collection, but its roots lie deep in the culture and history of Japan and of SEIKO. Ananta represents the dedication to perfection to which Japanese culture has always aspired and to which SEIKO has always been committed. The name Ananta expresses the essence of SEIKO’s continual dedication to go to, and beyond, the limits of the possible. Ananta is a Sanskrit word meaning “infinite”. Ananta is SEIKO’s word for dedication to perfection. The design of Ananta is inspired by Katana, the ancient Japanese art of sword making. The katana sword was first developed more than 800 years ago and symbolizes the high value that Japanese culture puts upon traditional skills and innovative manufacture, and is therefore the perfect inspiration for Ananta.

‘Blade’ polishing gives the case its remarkable mirror finish.
Ref. RLS1103-02

The Ananta Automatic Chronograph The Ananta Multi-hand Automatic
“Limited Edition” and the serial numbers will be engraved on each case back. The watch is presented in an exclusive gift box with the “SEIKO 130th Anniversary” emblem. In addition to this limited edition Ananta Diver’s watch, two more new Ananta mechanical models with Super-clear Coating, that realizes the highest legibility in the industry, are being released to extend the Ananta appeal to a wide range of watch connoisseurs.

Ref. RLS1103-02

Automatic Chronograph Diver’s - SEIKO 130th Anniversary Commemorative Edition
Ref. SRQ013
Caliber 8R39
Automatic with manual winding capability
Hour, minute and small second hands
Date calendar
Chronograph hour, 30-minute and second counter
Chronograph measurement up to 12 hours
28,800 vibrations per hour
34 jewels
Power reserve: 45 hours
Movement diameter: 28.6 mm, thickness: 7.5 mm
Case: Stainless steel with black and rose-tone gold hard coating
44.0 mm in diameter
Band: Stainless steel with black hard coating
Buckle: Adjustable three-fold clasp with secure lock and push button release
Glass: Sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating
Water resistance: 200 meters
Magnetic resistance: 4,800 A/m
Limited edition of 700 pieces
Approximate recommended retail price in Europe: Euro 4,000
Automatic Chronograph
Ref. SRQ011
Caliber 8R28
Case: Stainless steel with black hard coating
42.8 mm in diameter
Band: Stainless steel with three-fold clasp with push button release
Glass: Sapphire crystal with Super-clear Coating
Water resistance: 10 bar
Magnetic resistance: 4,800 A/m
Approximate recommended retail price in Europe: Euro 2,700
Multi-hand Automatic
Ref. SPB021
Caliber 6R21
Case: Stainless steel
42.0 mm in diameter
Band: Stainless steel with three-fold clasp with push button release
Glass: Sapphire crystal with Super-clear Coating
Water resistance: 10 bar
Magnetic resistance: 4,800 A/m
Approximate recommended retail price in Europe: Euro 1,800


Anonymous said...

Hi, I've seen the SRQ011 (SAEK011) mentioned in all the Basel press releases. However, I'm very much in love with the SAEK009, which AFAIK has no export ref no.

Check it out:

Spin Doctor said...

Nice. White dial with black pushers and crown. Very cool. Thanks for the information.