Sunday, August 12, 2012

Hands On Comparison Seiko Monsters New and Old

Redirecting to a blog entry from SJX with a hands on comparison of the new and old model Seiko Monsters.

Changes include not only the improved 4R36 caliber with hacking and handwinding, but also several cosmetic changes as well including a knurled crown, case finishing and a cleaner dial with less text and chrome trimmed index markers.  The painting of the hands also looks different and much better than the original.  The sloppy painting of the Monster hands always irritated.  It is obvious on so many examples and you can even see in his pictures the mispainted edges of the hour hand on the original Monster.  New Monster hands also look to be matte with a slight texture as opposed to the glossy finish on the original.

Already having an Orange Monster, I don't know if these changes motivate me enough to get the new model.  But in a time of major discontinuation of models by Seiko, especially Professional Diver's, its good to see Seiko recognize the popularity of this model and breathe new life into it.

For original post with lots of pictures, click HERE.

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