Friday, July 8, 2011

New Citizen Calibre 2100 Models Spotted

Spotted two new Calibre 2100 models on the Citizen US website.

Pict from Citizen

Pict from Citizen

 This is exciting news because the 2100 is not your typical quartz chronograph.  Having been on the market since 2006 I was certain its days were numbered.  Although the E210 which is the caliber used in the 2100 has evolved in the Signature line to contain either a dual time meter or a moon phase in lieu of the power reserve meter it is good to see the base E210 continue to live another day.

The E210 is the perfect blend of a quartz and mechanical chronograph.  Quartz provides accurate and reliable timekeeping.  The mechanical actuated chronograph delivers the coolest feeling pushers ever and the instant snap back of the chronograph hands at reset.  If you've never felt the pushers on the 2100 it is something you must try.  Not that springy, mushy feeling of your typical chronograph, the 2100 has a firm and precise feeling and deliberate snap to its pushers that invokes the feeling of a professional instrument.

There are some other surprises to the E210.  It contains 294 parts including 11 jewels and is hand assembled.  Although the chronograph is driven by a stepper motor, the reset function is mechanically actuated which results in the instant reset feature.  The E210 was also the first analog chronograph powered by a rechargable battery which today may not seem like such a big deal, but at the time of release it was a considerable accomplishment considering the additional power consumption of the 1/5 second action of the chronograph.

As an aside, here is a great article featuring the 2100 among other models.  Although published in 2006, much of it is still relevant today and it is interesting to see how Citizen has performed in relation to the goals set forth at that time. Click HERE to read the article.

Back to the new models, they feature a new case, bracelet, dial and hands along with an anti-reflective coated sapphire crystal.  I'm looking forward to some real life pictures.  Full list price is $699 US.  Contact your local Authorized Dealer for more information.

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JapanWatchConnection said...

Nice refresher done on the Calibre 2100 series. I am looking forward to see these in person. They also appear to be slightly smaller than the original 2004 releases (44mm vs 46mm case width). Sapphire crystal are long overdue in US market 2100's as well. I hope the new case, dial and bracelet live up to the quality level set forth by the original models.