Thursday, March 28, 2013

Casio G Shock GWM5600-A3

If you ever played with plastic green army men as a child, you will be sure to recognize the resin color in this square G Shock as a perfect match.

Sometimes G Shocks can be a little too loud and adolescent.  I like this GWM5600-A3 because of the interesting color of resin and dial but it does not come across as juvenile.  The resin is the matte variety with a nice feel to it but I noticed it tended to soak up sunblock cream so had to be careful while applying.

Dial has a positive display with a nice blue tint to the field.  Nice combination.

This particular model contains a radio controlled module although there is a standard solar model available as well.

Not much else to say.  5600 through and through.

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Hards80 said...

Really love the mil spec gshocks, considering getting a 5600 to add to my aw591ml, the green looks a little better in your photos than the stock shots. But matte black goes with everything so I am not sure.