Friday, March 29, 2013

Casio G Shock G7800

The G7800 line was called the Super Square because the shape is basically a square 5600 on steroids.  There were several options available either with a positive or negative display with a matching color bezel.  There was also a white model available.  Being a reverse display with a black bezel, this one was called the Stealth Super Square.  This model is notable because it simply has the best module I have ever seen in a G Shock.  Really a shame Casio does not use it in any other models.

The module used in the G7800 is 3163.  Click here to read the manual.  What makes this the best module ever?  So many things.  The first and foremost, you can enter your own text on the top line of the dial.  How cool is that?

The day/date display has 6 display options making everyone happy especially those in the world who prefer to have the date displayed before the month.  The display is also available in 2 different fonts with seven contrast settings.

The alarms are also completely customizable.  It has the normal 4 alarms plus 1 snooze alarm, however, they can be configured to ring daily, once on a specified date, daily on Saturday and Sunday only as well as daily weekday only.  Cool.   Even smarter is that the hourly chime can be programmed to squeak only during a set range of hours so it won't chime while you are sleeping.

The 24 hour timer is customizable as well.  It can either countdown or count up and can be set to repeat as well if you are doing interval training.  The timer is also preset with 8 common settings so that you don't have to manually set with each use.

I don't think there's anything special about the stopwatch other than it can time continuously for 99 days!

The last notable feature of the module is the use of two little LEDs at the bottom of the dial.  There are used in the flash display, but are also used with the watch is put in mute.  When advancing through each mode, one LED will flash, however, when the home screen is arrived the different color LED will flash to indicate home.  Very clever.

As far as the watch itself, it is very chunky.  Much larger than the standard 5600.  The finish and details are pretty good and the metal bezel is a nice touch.  Overall the watch has a sophisticated look to it.  I also like having the 5 buttons on the square with the light button being in the center below the dial like many other G Shocks.

As much as I liked the G7800, I ultimately found it to be too chunky for me so I sent it off to someone else.


Crystal Width 26mm
Bezel Width 36mm
Case Width 44mm
Case Height 51mm
Thickness 15.2mm


Morteza Alavizadeh said...

I've got the one with the positive display. I absolutely adore mine. A very dressy watch it is too. Module is the most unique feature on this model. I love mine and I don't find it a chunky watch. Just the right size for me. For a chunky G-Shock get your hands on a 1000 series Frogman ;)

Josh Younkin said...

I have this great watch but my band is in really poor shape. Where can I find a replacement? I've looked around but couldn't find anything. I'm not very well versed in watch lingo so what size should I be looking for where the band meets the watch.

Spin Doctor said...

Hi Josh. You can order replacement bands and bezels directly from casio. If you live in the US the direct number is 800-223-2001. You will need to tell the operator the model number which can be found on the back of the watch.

If you live outside the US, then go to your local Casio website and find the contact information under Support and Service.