Monday, March 11, 2013

Casio G Shock GW-9010 Atomic Rally Mudman

Here's another G Shock from the past.  I liked this one a lot as the red letters and bezel really pops and the solar panel has a cool looking pattern to it that looks like Spiderman's costume.  Casio made a terrible mistake with this one by making the window in the middle of the dial display a G when the radio sync was successful and it be completely blank and empty when unsuccessful.  Unfortunately the radio reception on this one was not very good so the window was empty most of the time giving the owner a feeling of inadequacy.  Still though it has a great case and a very comfortable strap.  Covered buttons can be a challenge to push.  Great module with some cool chronograph features.  I believe this particular model has been discontinued although it may life on in another form in a JDM model.

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