Sunday, September 25, 2011

Select Orient Star Models to be Released Internationally

Orient has announced the release of selected Orient Star models to the international market.  The Orient Star line is Orient's mid tier offering which prior to this was exclusive to the Japan market.  The Orient Star line has a nice mix of sporty and classic Japanese dress styles and Orient has selected three main models for the international market.

The selected models include the recently released GMT, the retrograde from a couple of years ago and also a newly released open heart model.  Options include different dial colors for each model.

The Orient Star line is a great option for affordable luxury from Japan.  Very similar to the Seiko SARB models in price and quality.  I have an Orient Star Classic that I have been meaning to do a review for but have not gotten around to it.  It is a fantastic watch and is one of my favorites.  I had always intended to add another Orient Star to my collection, actually the retrograde model picture above, but the declining exchange of the USD to the Yen had put that model a little out of reach for now.  Perhaps the internationalization of these models may provide some more competitive pricing.

Distribution still seems to be limited to South East Asia.  I'm not sure if these will ever officially be available to the North American and European markets.

A new website is also launched to support the new releases which can be seen here.  The Press Release can also be seen at the website and is copied below.


Orient Watch Co.,Ltd. will release ORIENT STAR collection in September 2011.

One of the most distinguished brands of Orient Watch, ORIENT STAR, that was first created in 1951.

The mechanical watches are simple but feature an exquisite style, worthy of the brand name with its celestial connotations. The lineup offers a diverse selection of products, featuring solid technologies all backed by its history, and designs that reflect the care take with every detail.

GMT - The flagship model is equipped with the newly developed Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) movement. This function recognizes official time at up to three locations, is ideal for the globetrotting executive.

RETROGRADE - The movement of the Retrograde mechanism that was developed after a two-year effort offers a unique hand movement function that returns the hand to the Monday position as soon as a week has elapsed.

OPEN HEART - The dial features a delicate shine and the mechanism is visible through the skeletal window, combining maturity with just a touch of playfulness.


Anonymous said...

these are truly fine watches.

Tony Lewis said...

The Orient Star GMT has made it to North America.. It is available from Orient Watch USA..

Spin Doctor said...

Thanks for the clarification Tony. You are correct. Same model number too.