Sunday, June 16, 2013

Casio G Shock G9000-8 Stormtrooper Mudman

The Mudman has seen many iterations of both module and case.  The G9000 is my favorite and this particular model is my absolute favorite.  Nicknamed the Stormtrooper like everything else that happens to be white with black accents, the name is somewhat misleading as the resin is more of a khaki color.  With an orange tinted display and a white framed dual display makes this model more unique amongst G Shocks.

One thing I've noticed about G Shocks is that when a model is discontinued, the inventory evaporates in a matter of weeks.  The Stormtrooper Mudman is one of those models I always planned to get when supply was plentiful, but other things always got in the way.  Then they managed to disappear and I thought I missed my chance forever.  Fortunately, this one popped up for sale on one of the forums at a fair price and I finally had one.

While the 5600 models have an elegantly simplistic aesthetic to them, the G9000 Mudman seems the exact opposite with its asymmetric case, resin covered buttons, industrial looking case with a funky bezel ring underneath and a double tanged buckle.

While G Shocks seem to have grown to giant proportions lately, the G9000 Mudman has a great balance of presence without excessive size.  This same case was also used on the two atomic Mudman models GW9000 and GW9010.  The resin covered buttons look cool, but they are damn hard to push.  The caseback features a helmeted mole driving something with big wheels.  You don't see that on anything Swiss, do you?  The little nubby things on the back serve to elevate the caseback from your wrist providing some ventilation.  I actually find it comfortable, although I've seen others complain and go so far as to sand down the nubs.

The dial illuminator display is definitely worth the price of admission for this model.  Show it to anyone and you're sure to get a few ohhhhs and ahhhhs.  In case you're wondering, not only does the orange tinted display glow like any other G Shock, but so does the white frame surrounding the display.  I think there was a Gulfman that also had a dual display, but it certainly isn't a common feature.

Function wise, this particular Mudman has pretty much the same features as every other G Shock.  Maybe the novelty is the dual independent stopwatches which seem to run for forever.

That's about it.  Not much more to say other than there is a MX series for the G9000 that I'm on the hunt for next.

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Looks quite fresh and striking