Saturday, November 24, 2012

Seiko Bullhead Chronograph Reissue

Seiko will be releasing reissue models of the vintage bullhead style chronograph of the 70’s. The bullhead nickname is derived from the location of the pushers at the top of the watch case which if you use your imagination, look like the horns on a bull. Uniquely styled, it does make the use of the pushers easier, especially for lefties.


Unlike their predecessors, these models will be quartz featuring the 7T92 caliber. I’m sure this will disappoint many, however, use of a mechanical chronograph caliber would simply put these models out of reach of most buyers. Besides, the 7T92 is no slouch of a quartz chronograph caliber as it has a dual timing register at 3 o’clock with a maximum timing capacity of 12 hours at 1/20 second resolution.

Style wise, these look fantastic. Case angles and hooded lugs very similar to the vintage models and I love the simple baton hands and triple register layout. Four models will be released. The SCEB009 is a basic black dial. By far my favorite is the brown (or as I like to think of it...root beer) dial with contrasting tan subdials SCEB015. The remaining two models are both black IP coated with either gold accents (SCEB011) or blue accents (SCEB013).

Available for only the Japanese domestic market with prices between 24,000 and 28,000 Yen, these are priced fully at less than $340 USD and should be available by the end of November.

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