Saturday, March 10, 2012

Basel 2012: Underwhelmed

After owning Basel in 2011, both Seiko and Citizen left me underwhelmed this year.  Its been only one year since the earthquake and its not too hard to believe that this tragedy has had a serious impact on product development in Japan.

Here is a link to the Seiko Basel 2012 web site.

Here and here are links to the Citizen Basel 2012 web site.

Aside from the announcement of the new GPS enabled Astron, Seiko has also released two limited edition Grand Seiko models celebrating the 10 year anniversary of the GMT Grand Seiko caliber 9S56.  The watches feature a blue dial and a super cool circular blue rotor.  I'd love to see that one moving in person.  Watches by SJX has more information on these models here.

Citizen announced the release of 25th anniversary models for the Attesa.  New Exceed and Campanola models were released as well.  Joe was kind enough to share some pictures of the floor of some other models that may fly under the radar.  Here we see a mechanical Signature (meh....), a full analog model with bluetooth sync to a smart phone (why?), and a full analog chronograph with radio control Blue Angels model.  You can check out his pictures of Seiko and Citizen at his blog.

EDIT: Looks like AZFT had to remove their Citizen pictures.  Hopefully they will be up again soon.

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