Saturday, February 2, 2013

My Two Orient Stars

Just picked up my second Orient Star.  The GMT model.  Pictured here with my Orient Star Classic.  Ironically these are the newest and oldest watches in my collection.

Separate posts for each some time soon.


Gorga Naibaho said...

What a coincidence, I've been interested in an Orient Star GMT too. What model is the white one? The position of the movement seems identical with my Orient Saturation Diver.

Spin Doctor said...

The white GMT is DJ00002W. There are a couple JDM GMT models seen at this link. I think they differ only by the presence of the date magnifier.

The white OS pictured above is WZ0121FD. Its the older model of Orient Star Classic long ago discontinued. Movement does not hack or handwind but the case and dial are otherwise excellent. I believe it has the exact same caliber as the older 300M saturation diver.

Usually, Orient configures the power reserve to position centered at 12 oclock with the crown at 3 oclock. Shifting the crown to 2 or 4 oclock also shifts the position of the power reserve meter.

joseff said...

Beautiful watch. Unfortunately, when I finally saw it in real life, it was too large for my wrist.