Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Orient Star Standard Date -- New Model

Orient has announced the release of a new line of Orient Star models which will be called "Standard Date".  These models will continue the traditional evergreen style characteristic of the Orient Star Classic models, however, the Standard Date models will feature a slightly larger case at 40-41mm along with a dual anti-reflective coated sapphire crystal.  The black dial model will be composed of carbon fiber while the white dial model will have vertical stripes similar to the Omega Aqua Terra.  As expected, the Orient in-house caliber 40751 will have handwinding and second hand hacking cabilities.

Full retail, tax in prices will be 59,850 Yen for the black (WZ0051DV) and white (WZ0061DV) dialed steel models. The gold plated model (WZ0071DV) will be slightly more at 65,100 Yen.  Release is scheduled for March 8, 2012.

There's a lot to like about these models and I look forward to seeing real life pictures.   I think there's no better value than using dual coated anti-reflective coated sapphire.  Sure durability with the external coating can be an issue with some manufacturers, however, according to the Orient literature, their Super Anti-Reflective Coating (SAR) is more scratch resistant and smudge proof than conventional coated crystal.  Additionally,  I think Orient makes fantastic dimensional dials so I expect these dials to be stunning in person.  Whenever I remove a watch dial from its case, I'm always struck with the beauty of the unencumbered dial.  Remove the glare and reflections and you get to look at that beauty all the time!  Finally, there's soooo many oyster style bracelets on the market these days.  Its nice to see something different as the style used in this model.  I expect it to be comfortable.

Below are some more pictures from Orient and direct links to the promotional websites.

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