Thursday, December 8, 2011

Impressions of the Seiko SRP043

After my satisfaction with the BFK I decided to pick up the SRP043 because of the similarity in the case.  I hate to say it, but I was incredibly disappointed.  Probably the first time I was disappointed in a Seiko.  Don't get me wrong, I really wanted to like it.  The model has its loyal following, but I just couldn't warm up to it.

I think the thing that bothered me the most was the poor fitting bezel insert.  Hard to believe but the insert did not fit flush with the outer edge of the bezel which resulted in a lip in the metal.  Very disappointing because every time I touched the bezel, that lip is all I felt.  Such a surprise from Seiko.  With all the divers they have made its hard to believe they would make a poor fitting bezel insert.  This was probably the deal breaker for me.  I also think the narrow width of the insert looked odd and disproportionate with the dial.  The bezel itself had a good feel to it although I preferred the grip on that of the BFK.

Although the case is very similar to the BFK, it didn't seem to be finished as well.  The brushed areas seemed to be uneven especially on the non-crown side and I think I preferred the look of the grommet things over the drilled holes.  The bracelets are identical between the two models.

Dial and hands on the SRP043 were awesome.  Very well done.  The blacked out centers of the hands gave the illusion that they were floating over the dial.  Hands were very legible and the lume was impressive.  The dial and hands were definitely the best feature of this model.  One thing that crossed my mind was that as much as I liked the dial and hands, I felt they were very un-Seiko.  The similarity to Sinn and B&R is obvious, but never bothered me.  As much as I like to see unique touches in each model, I guess I also like to see some continuity with past models.  A little bit of different is good while a lot of different is bad.

The movement inside was Seiko's new 4R15.  Longer power reserve for sure, but still felt like a basic 7S to me.  Accuracy wise mine performed around 10 seconds per day the short time I owned it.  I would take my comments with a grain of salt because I haven't been feeling the mechanical movements lately.

This model was recently discontinued by Seiko, so if this one is for you, you better grab one fast.

I know there are a lot of owners of the SRP043 out there.  Why not drop a comment and share your impressions of this model.

Some pictures for reference.

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