Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Dear Citizen Watch Company -- Re: Signature Line

I love the Citizen Signature line, but you have to modernize the caliber selection.

Using a modified version of the E210 chronograph was a fantastic idea.  That is an excellent caliber (dare I say historical) and a perfect match for the quality of the Signatures.  I hope its use continues for many more years. The Grand Complication caliber is OK too for many of the same reasons.

But the other calibers have to go.  There's nothing wrong with them per say, but they are found in base models and are antiquated.  I am disappointed to see that with the new diver model for the Signature line you are continuing to use the E820 multifunction which is not very functional and a ho-hum three handed analog.  True they are perpetual calendars, but in this day and age, I don't think that is so innovative.  More importantly they are not fitting for a luxury watch line.

Please take advantage of your radio controlled analogue calibers.  I'm specifically referring to the three handed analogue H144 and the multi function H610.  Radio controlled.  Perpetual calendar.  Separate motors for the hour and minute hands makes the world timer, chronograph and alarm actually functional.  Cutting edge technology.  These are awesome calibers.   Premium calibers for premium watches.  You have them.  Nobody else does.

The Signature line is something special.  People want a special watch and that includes a special caliber inside.  The Appleseed GPS watch has created an incredible amount of attention.  Far more than I would have expected.  The market is ready for quartz to be special again.  Put your most special calibers in the Signature line.  Trust me on this one.

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JapanWatchConnection said...

Could not agree more, Spin Doc.

Huge missed opportunity here by the fine folks at COA. For the time being, "high end Citizens" will continue to be purchased directly from Japan. The Attesa and Exceed (Not to mention "The Citizen") lines have no rival in comparison to the "Signature Collection".

By the way, I had the pleasure of owning a "Grand Complication" model BZ0000-50A with white dial a while back. It was a lovely watch and probably the best model in the SC series. Would not hesitate to buy it again with a black dial. But these days I am far more attracted by watches with either radio control capability, high end thermo compensated quartz movements and Seiko's superb Spring Drive technology.