Monday, February 21, 2011

Review of Casio G Shock GWM5600A-3

Remember those little green army men? Yep, that’s the color of this model. I like the color because it is something a little different but not the standard adolescent selection for G Shocks. There are a few other color options which include black (of course), red, white, yellow and a funky Halloween black and orange. The resin has a flat appearance and is not glossy.

Yellow lettering on the bezel that I have thought of stripping out and painting something else, but I can’t think of a better color, so I’ll leave it until I realize some inspiration. Cool blue tint on the display. If I ever pick up another model, I think I’ll switch the modules for an easy mod.

Another thing I like about this model is the strap does not taper and has no texture. Also there is only one wave vent which gives a smoother look to the strap. Strap ends in the standard stainless steel buckle. Caseback has the standard branding.

Functionally this watch is pretty good. Solar. 5 Band radio controlled. 5 alarms. Stopwatch (1000 hour). Timer at 60 minutes, which I think it too short. Radio reception is a little finicky requiring finding hot spots to get a reliable signal. Although once I found a good spot, it has missed a sync only a few times over the last year or so that I have owned it.

Size wise the GWM models are a little smaller than the other 5600 models but still have a good presence on the wrist.

Case width – 43.5 mm
Lug to lug – 47mm
Thickness – 13mm
Module 3063

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