Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Seiko: The Star Wars Collection

Jikan Watch Blog is always two steps ahead of all other so called "Watch Source Information" websites and here this morning we are pleased to serve a fresh breakfast brunch of the latest watch related news coming out of Japan to our loyal readers. Today is no exception, as Seiko Japan earlier announced a very cool "Star Wars" themed collection of limited edition timepieces highlighting some of the main characters shown in all 6 releases of this world famous movie franchise. If you happen to be a Star Wars fan, read on.

The collection will be made up of analogue Atomic-Solar, EPD/e-ink Atomic-Solar and mechanical models that currently made up the Seiko Brightz JDM line of higher end watches. A total of six themed, limited edition models, will be released in Japan come October 12th. The date coincides with the 35th anniversary release of the original Star Wars movie back in 1977:

Darth Vader model:

Radiowave Control Solar, model SAGA125, 135,000 YEN retail

Darth Maul Model:

Radiowave Control solar, chronograph, Model SAGA127, 130,000 YEN retail

Models Yoda (SDGC013), C-3PO (SDGC015) and Stormtrooper (SDGC011):

Mechanical Caliber 6R21, Spron 510 mainspring, 50 hours power reserve, Power Reserve indicator, Day/Date sub-dials, hack and hand wind, 130,000 YEN retail.



Storm Trooper:

R2-D2 Model:

Radiowave Control solar, EPD display, World time, model SDGA005, 120,000 YEN retail.

Check out all the richly detailed movie scene screen shots available in this model!

You may have already noticed the absence of central characters like Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia and Emperor Palpatine, among others. We have no idea as to why Seiko excluded them from this release but I am sure that they will be included in a second release if this one proves to be a sales success.

For further information, click over to the original Seiko press release (Google Translate is needed).

All pictures are from Seiko.

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Spin Doctor said...

WoW these look great! Someone put a lot of thought into the design. Can't wait to see real life pictures. Love the screen displays on the EPD model!