Sunday, September 30, 2012


When you buy a lot of watches, it is inevitable that you will eventually look for opportunities to buy and sell second hand.  Craig's List and other local sites offer great opportunities for face to face cash transactions but have a audience with limited familiarity with watches.  EBay is the exact opposite situation and comes with a high transaction overhead.

Watch forums are a great avenue for second hand sales.  Unlike many other hobby forums, membership is free and no special privileges are required for sales listings.  There is a captive, well discriminating audience.  The problem with forums is the seemingly fanatical popularity of a limited menu of models and brands and also with the large number of forums all over the internet means considerable time required to shop around each one individually.

There's nothing we can do with anal retentive, myopic members, but web crawlers can help scan the forums and create a one stop shopping experience.  There are several crawlers out there, but my favorite is one called WatchRecon.  The website for WatchRecon can be found HERE.   WatchRecon scans all the popular sales sites and presents the user with listings including a picture, price, and seller's location provided that information is in the original listing.  The site search engine allows the user to search for brand, seller's name and location and even filter by price and date of listing.  WatchRecon is also available as an app for Android which can be found HERE.  The Android app offers not only same functions as  the web site, but also allows the user to program to receive notifications when a saved search yields hits.  This feature is particularly useful when you are looking for something rare.

For up to date information on WatchRecon, check out the Facebook page HERE where you will find that an Apple iOS app is in the works.

Just a final note that I don't have any affiliation with WatchRecon.  Just recommending the site to my readers.

Have fun and happy hunting.

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