Thursday, August 23, 2012

Orient Star Classic Retrograde

Orient doesn't seem to get the attention that it used to a few years ago.  Its a shame really because most models deliver excellent value.

The Orient Star line is positioned as a mid range level of quality, construction and price.  I have an old model Orient Star Classic and it is a excellent piece.  Long over due for a review.  Easily at the level of a Seiko SARB.  Without question.

The Retrograde models were released a couple of years ago.  I never owned one, but I wanted to.  Based on pictures alone, I would say these are at the top of the line for the Stars.  Excellent casework and bracelet.  Ornate dial.  Sophisticated movement.  To be able to buy this for under $900 US is incredible.  Swiss made would easily cost double.

Click through to see more pictures and fantastic videos from Watch Tanaka and Orient USA.

The Retrograde is available in both Japan and the US.  Japan models are WZ0011DE (black), WZ0041DE/WZ0061DE (white), WZ0021DE (rose), WZ0051DE (blue).  I can't tell the difference between the 41 and 61 white models.  One may actually be a cream dial.

The US seems to only carry the black and white dial options, DE00002B and DE00002W respectively.  Aside from the model number the US and JDM models seem identical.  The US models also keep the Orient Star branding which is nice because in years past the brand was restricted to the Japanese market and the dial emblem was actually replaced.

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