Saturday, April 23, 2011

Some New Retro Looking Citizen Chronographs

I saw some cool retro looking chronographs while browsing through the Citizen European web sites.  These models feature the solar charged B612 caliber with a 210 day power reserve, a 60 minute chronograph, 1/5 second center post hand, and a 24 hour indicator subdial.  Manual is here.

Sure Citizen has lots of multi function models, but sometimes it is nice to have just a simple no nonsense chronograph.  Besides I think many would find the retro look of these models attractive.





I could not get any clarification if these models will ever be available in the US.  As it is now, they kinda remind me of the Seiko Italian Chronographs that were popular with collectors in the late 1990's.  For more info on the Italian Chronographs, read here.  What made these Italian models interesting was not only their unique design, but was also the exclusive nature of a limited market release.


JapanWatchConnection said...

That is just, gorgeus!

Anonymous said...

Wish they would sell these in the US.

Jeff S. said...

This is a nice looking watch. Good to see Citizen and Seiko finally getting around to reissuing these fantastic vintage designs, especially since everything they've put out for the last 20 years has been pretty boring. Of course they're still just putting old designs out again, but so what?

I don't get why the chrono only measures 60 min. Why not just go ahead and make it twelve hours? I use a chrono to keep track of when I took my last insulin shot, so I need one that does more than 1 hr. Also, why do so many chronos only measure 30 min? What's so special about 30 min?

Spin Doctor said...

Hi Jeff. I agree all chronographs should be 12 hours just like all divers should be ISO rated. I guess there's a lot more people who don't care as much as you and I though.

This particular caliber from Citizen is fairly old and used extensively. Perhaps limiting the length of time on the chronograph helps save on power consumption.