Thursday, April 12, 2012

Japan Watch Industry - NHK Documentary "Begin Japanology"

Japan enjoys a very rich and varied horological history. Unfortunately, much of that past remains hidden or unknown to the western world. It is a common held belief that the Europeans (Mostly the Swiss) have an exclusive hold on the development of clocks and watches, hence, making them the true guardians of timekeeping.

The following is an excellent 27 minute documentary (Hosted by Peter Barakan) that details the history of Japanese horology prior to the 19th century until the present time. This video should further enhance your appreciation and respect for Japanese watches and the immense contributions made to horology as a whole. It also details the development of mechanical and quartz technologies. This presentation should make you see quartz watches under a very different light! They were after all, a feat of human ingenuity 50 years ago, but sadly today they are ubiquitous and gain no respect from so called "Watch enthusiasts".

Anyway, be sure to have you favorite Japanese watch strapped to your wrist, grab a nice beverage, kick back and enjoy this short but intense voyage through the history of Japanese horology!.

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